Birth Doula

I offer in person early labour support at your home from when you need me, (providing everyone is well and following Covid advice to reduce transmission). I can offer ongoing remote labour and birth support when Icannot be with you in person, to suit your needs; Face time/Zoom i.e. if you transfer to hospital. 

Your Mavellous Placenta 

The Placenta is also known as the tree of life. This marvellous organ has grown and given life to your baby. Blood, hormones and nurtients have crossed paths in a complex spagetti junction type of action to give your baby everything it needs to grow and develop. 

There are lots of things we can do to honour and use your Placenta......

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Post Birth Doula

Things have changed in modern times from when women used to lay in whereby she was supposed to rest and bond with her baby for up to 6 weeks. In more modern times expectations on getting back to normal are high and everywhere we look. Social media plays a big role in influencing idealised images of motherhood.

Preparing for your Forth Trimester

Making preparations for the post partum period is often overlooked and neglected. Its time that women/birthing people value and prioritise ourselves to ask to be nurtured. When we value ourselves our community will see our value. We need to get back the old tradition of women resting and only focusing on the newborm, having her every need catered for. Many countries and culture have rituals that support women in their post partum period. 

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Antenatal Preparation


your having a baby. What is your scale of excitment in this moment??

Preparing for having a baby is a whole journey; exciting and beautiful but also it can bring feelings of apprehension and fear. Thats why its good to be prepared, talk and learn.

This helps us to feel more confident, knowledgable and informed. This can reduce our worries and anxieties. 

Doula in Your Pocket

You may not want to hire a Doula to provide full support in birth or your post partum period. But you can still access me for one off sessions to meet your needs;


Doula support chat....

How grandparents/distant relatives can help support you

writing Birth plans

planning your forth trimester

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