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I really appreciate everyone that provided me with their feedback especially at a time they are busy with a new baby. 

JW - 2021 

Tracey is my auntie and offered to be our Doula for free. She was just embarking on her doula career and is very passionate and enthusiastic. I had a home water birth, and my 3-year-old son was also at home.

Tracey provided me with excellent doula support. She provided books and articles of interest, including a book to help my eldest son understand what to expect during birth. She took the time to specifically find reading material for me and asked me about the kind of support I wanted. She made clear that I could contact her if I needed to.


I didn’t want lots of input from anyone and Tracey was respectful of this. Tracey was confident in my ability to cope. It was refreshing and cheering to not have my decisions questioned or judged.


She made sure my older son was ok whilst I was in the later stages of labour and after I’d given birth, which was extremely helpful. Also, she remembered that we wanted a newspaper with the birth date on and went to the shop to get me some jam for toast, which was all I really wanted to eat!


I would recommend everyone to have a doula if they can afford one. For first time parents especially, as there is so much you don’t realise and need to know, to make informed decisions and have the experience you want to have.

I like that Tracey didn’t push anything on me. She respected that I had a clear view of how I wanted my son's birth to be, and I trusted that if required, she would advocate for me. This reduced anxiety and worry about HCP pushing for medical intervention, which happened in my previous birth. We had both read about unnecessary medical intervention and the cascade of subsequent problems this can lead to, so I felt confident in her ability and willingness to refuse this if I was being pressured during labour, when I couldn’t articulate myself very well.


KB –  2021

I am a black Muslim woman, single mother of 7 children. I had very little support and a friend recommended a doula to me. 

I felt that Tracey was able to really connect with me, she was very sensitive to my circumstances. As a Muslim woman she was able to take my faith into consideration, listen to my needs and be non-judgemental.


I chose Tracey because of her location to me, and her profile was very friendly. She is passionate about what she does, and her personal experiences and knowledge was really good.

Tracey exceeded all my expectations, especially as a first-time doula. She has really embraced her role as a new doula (you would think she has been doing this for years!) She was incredibly organised, a very good listener, she is very calming, patient and nurturing and an overall a pleasant lady to work with.

Tracey sent me lots of information so I could make an informed choice about my pregnancy and birth. The quality of information was excellent. 


Tracey really excelled during the labour and birth stages. She came when I wanted her to when I went into labour and made sure my birth plan was observed. She was calming and reassuring.

The birth experience itself was very empowering, Tracey was brilliant making sure my environment was as quiet and calming as possible, helping me to be really in tune with my body.

The support immediately after birth was again amazing. She made sure we were settled and recovering and provided me with delicious homemade snacks to enhance my energy levels.

Tracey supported me very well after birth, she made me nutritious meals, drinks, and snacks to help with my recovery. She also helped with household tasks; any issues she was there to support me. She was also amazing with my other children.


Having a doula has made me realise that I can have control over my body in birth. This was my first time having a doula with my 8th child and I would say this birth has been the best and the most epic one! This can be achieved by every woman.


I would say to parents considering a doula; to invest in yourself and your family. Having a baby is a life changing experience. An experience that is very empowering, simple, and calm. Having a doula reduces the risk of a traumatic birth. Also, the additional emotional and physical support and nurture were very welcomed.

I would highly recommend Tracey to be your doula.


SN - 2021

I am a black African woman and my support worker suggested I have a doula.

I decided to have a doula to support me during my labour time because I didn’t have any family or friends around me these times.


Tracey choose to support me via the doula access fund because she heard my case from my support worker. I would have chosen her anyway because she's just amazing.


I can say that the quality of support and information was great, I learned and heard a lot of things I had never knew before. Tracey made me dream as we were planning My Incredible Birth. We had lots of meeting and lots of explanations about labour, birth, breastfeeding. She made me feel supported from her calls. She is always ready to come and assist me, she did more than what I expected.


Tracey helped me prepare for the birth with lots of encouragement. Unfortunately, my experience in hospital was not at all good but Tracey assisted me as much as she could to make it a positive experience. She took some pictures which make incredible memories. Tracey stayed with me after the birth to make sure I had everything I needed before she left.

Tracey was amazing, she was around me like a family's member, like a mum, with her support and wisdom. She checked up on me and provided nice meals and snacks. 

I would say to other parents to have a doula, they have the awareness and knowledge to guide you on your birth adventure. You will not regret it.


Tracey my doula is a very kind woman, attentive, passionate, she is so clever as I got lots of knowledge from her and awareness too about all things of life. She is very open, and we exchanged and talked about every subject.

She took me as her own daughter and gave me all the warmth that she thought I deserved and my family. She has become a good friend.



Anon- 2022  (Midwife)

From my first contact with Tracey, she put me at ease by truly listening and understanding what it was that I needed.
We decided to work together and started our antenatal sessions. These were invaluable for me as it was education from another perspective. Less “antenatal class” and more of how to navigate a system to gain the best outcomes for me and my baby.
Around 36 weeks of pregnancy my baby was in the breech position and refused to turn despite many natural techniques, this is when we realised how much Tracey’s antenatal visits had empowered us. We had some difficult conversations with the hospital which were not supportive of a vaginal breech birth, my husband used the techniques for decision making that Tracey had taught him and was a fantastic advocate for me during appointments.  
When it came to labour and birth, she attended our home in the early hours of the morning and brought her usual calming presence. Practically Tracey met my needs for nourishment bringing energy balls and assisting with transport to the hospital.

During the birth and at times of concern Tracey was right by my side while my husband was with our baby, she reassured me and held my hand, she knew exactly what I needed in those moments. I will never forget her face at that time.

I think I may have received the most from Tracey postnatally which I didn’t expect. The fourth trimester is often overlooked but it’s such a crucial time. From the cake she left us with in the hospital which I snacked on whilst breastfeeding to the home delivery of meals and herbal sitz baths for my stitches or the discussions and debrief about the birth to help unravel everything in my head.. the postnatal support was incredible!


Tracey Thank you for guiding us through this pivotal time in our life and relationship. You helped our transition into parenthood run smoothly and created harmony between my husband and I when difficult medical decisions needed to be made. You will always have a special place in our hearts.

I would encourage everyone to invest in doula services and cannot recommend Tracey enough. She is highly skilled and knowledgeable.


RS - 2022

I enjoyed working with Tracey through the end of my pregnancy through to labour. She exceeded my expectations during labour while also helping me stay hydrated throughout labour. Tracey also took time to bond with my daughter through it all. Tracey stood by my side from when I contacted her at some weird hour in the morning right until my baby boy arrived safe and well. If you’re looking for a caring, super supportive and loving birth worker, Tracey would be an amazing candidate for that role.

If there are any young mums looking for a birth worker to assist you in your journey while providing you with the right amount of information, care and nurturing support…Tracey, I can honestly say will be able to assist you with a motherly touch. Tracey constantly reminds you that you can get through your journey with a positive experience. I can now say, I’ve experienced a positive birth story.


SA - 2021
We hired Tracy as our family live far away. Tracey was a wonderful extra set of hands. She continually brought nutritious and delicious food. I can’t say power of hands in the early days was so appreciated as neither me or my husband had any previous baby experience. Tracy provided me with a herbal sitz bath to help recover from my tear. She provided books pre-birth to help us prepare and advocate for ourselves as well as a birth plan template and information around laid-back breastfeeding..
Tracey was really flexible and understanding. We would recommend Tracey to any family looking for a Doula.

YZ - 2022
Tracey was very nurturing and supportive. Tracey held my hand during my birth and encouraged me and helped me to feel confident.
Tracey provided with lots of information to prepare for my birth. This included exercise posture for optimal positioning nutritional information. She also card for my physical and mental health; using her rebozo to relieve my hip pain. My husband and I learnt a lot from our sessions in preparation for our birth.
Tracy provided me with a herbal sitz bath which was very soothing and I loved the energy balls during labour.
I felt safe with Tracey. Having a Doula is the best investment I made during my pregnancy.

RS - 2022

Tracey, your support and knowledge that you shared with me was very helpful and informative. You assisted me exactly how I needed. You were also very caring and loving which I appreciated because it was like a second mother far away assisting me though my journey.

During labour, you really were the glue for me.

I appreciate everything you’ve done for myself, baby and family , I couldn’t have asked for a better doula! She exceeded my expectations during labour while also helping me stay hydrated throughout labour. Tracey also took time to bond with my daughter through it all. Tracey stood by my side from when I contacted her at some weird hour in the morning right until my baby boy arrived safe and well. If you’re looking for a caring, super supportive and loving birth worker, Tracey would be  amazing.

Since my birth, during conversations around birth or now with my own doula course that you’ve been an inspiration towards, I do not shut up about “my Doula Tracey” lol!

It was absolutely without a doubt, an amazing experience!

Thank you again for everything!


Anon DWB (Doula’s without Borders) - 2021

My Doula, she is a kind, good, adequate woman. She gives me useful advice on how to properly care for a child, how to get out of a stressful situation, at any time she is ready to communicate with me, at any time she is ready to help me. She treats me and my child very well.


I am delighted with her work, and I am very grateful to her. She was with me in very difficult moments, and she helped me through all the hard times, she is professional in her work. She is very responsible. All things witch my baby need she bring me and she gives me useful advice that makes me feel good.

Thank you for every think I am so very grateful to your support, you are doing very well your job. You are doing a very good deed to help people at the most necessary moment, this is never forgotten, and we will always pray for you, and our children will know how you helped us in very difficult moments. I thank you very much for your support and good deed.



R&E - 2022

It’s hard to put into words what Tracey did for us. The way she guided us through some of the hardest decisions we’ve ever had to make, while we were sleep deprived and confused will never be forgotten.

Considering we came to her so late in the day we really appreciated the amount she manged to get through and we felt really well prepared when it came to the event.

Through her help we felt informed and prepared and although ultimately things didn’t go as we might have planned, we felt we had done everything we could. She kept our birth plan in sight right to the last decisions and made sure each new midwife or consultant was made aware of it.

The food she brought during labour and in the first days at home were wonderful and nourishing. Tracey took care of our basic needs when we were unable to do it for ourselves.


BT - 2022

Tracey, you helped us develop our understanding of pregnancy, labour and birth and work out what we hoped the experience might look like for us. You gave us confidence to realise our needs and insist that they were met. At the hospital during labour, you were a brilliant advocate for us and ensured we had access to the midwife-led birth centre, which I do not think would have happened without you! (In fact, we know I was the only person to use the birth centre that month!) The suggestions you gave to me about different positions to take during labour was particularly helpful. Throughout the entire process, you were a great source of empowerment and support. Thank you!

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